Foam Rolling Class


Foam rolling is great for relieving tension, muscle soreness and tightness and increasing your range of motion. It’s kind of like giving yourself a deep tissue massage. We will be including the dogs in the first half of class then transition to you. Try taking a walk with your dog first to set the mood as this is a slower paced class, focusing on balance and obedience for the dogs plus a little massage. Foam rolling may feel uncomfortable, but never painful. Not putting as much weight on the roller by using your core, arms, or legs to lift up to a pressure that feels comfortable while rolling.

There’s a couple different types of rollers:
  • The ones that are smooth are easier on your body, perfect for beginners
  • The ones with groves give a deeper self-massage

You’ll need:

  • a foam roller
  • dog treats
  • You may also want a small rolled up towel for one of the stretches with the dogs