Welcome my Senior Pup Friends for a workout program just for you that’s gentle and effective!

For the next 3 months we will work on simple moves really focusing on the core as it’s the power house and working on those inner and outer muscles because they’re not used as much and that’s what holds everything in, which can help prevent slipping that older dogs are more prone too. 

These are short workouts because we want to keep them as mobile and independent as possible since they already have a harder time getting up and down, on and off the couch, in and out of the car and slowing down, so it’s our job to keep them as comfy as possible to remain with us a little bit longer.

Just a reminder with any age dog, but especially seniors to workout on a grippy surface as they are more prone to slipping.

Each week will have one video with the goal to complete 2-3 times by the end of the week with rest days in between. It’s best to alternate days and not to skip the rest days so their muscles have time to recover as their muscles are more prone to stiffening up easier. Each week we will build upon the last all focusing on mobility, strength, core and balance.

This program is special to me not only because I have senior dogs, but because they just hold a special place in my heart since they’re not with us long enough. ?

Equipment needed:

  • 1-2 stable platforms depending on the size of your dog
  • 2 cones
  • a yoga mat, towel or sensory mats

What qualifies your dog as a “senior dog”? 

  • slower sitting down and getting up
  • slower walking and moving around
  • seems stiff and not as much energy
  • Age – varies greatly between breeds and how well they have aged, plus their genetics, but the last 1/3 of their expected life span for their breed of dog
  • this program is good for any age dog though, as it’s really focusing on basic moves to strengthen the core

Who’s NOT Qualified?

  • dogs with injuries, like limping, bad hip dysplasia, etc. Seek out what’s going on first from your vet and pet rehab pro
  • as with any new exercise program for any age dog, they should be cleared by their vet before starting the program


Common Issues with Aging:

  • Slower getting up & down, sitting and laying
  • Harder time getting up into the car, couch, stairs, etc.
  • Higher chance of slipping
  • Arched Back, Saggy Back
  • Shortened Stride Length
  • Uneven Weight Baring Sitting, Laying, Standing
  • Arthritis
  • Vision/Hearning Loss
  • Weak Backend
  • Widen Stance
  • Low Neck
  • Overweight 
  • Underwight
  • Loss of Strength and Muscle 
  • Brain Aging – staring, pacing, etc.

By the end of the program you should see some changes like better gait and posture and maybe some excitement waiting for when it’s time to workout again. At the end of the 3 months start back from week 1 and complete the 12 weeks again and it will help keep improving their daily lives!

Why is the price so low? I said senior dog dogs hold a special place in my heart and that they’re not with us long enough and I want them around as long as possible, that means your dog too!

“We may call them a senior dog, but that just means they have years of experience in the fine art of friendship. Blessed to those who have earned the love of an older dog” and we would be honored to be apart of their journey in their golden years.



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