Best in Show Challenge

We have the formula you need to workout with your dog at home with our Online Workout Program. No more unproductive training sessions without results. This online, lifetime membership includes your training guide, a healthy eating plan, access to our private Facebook group and more interactive ways to include your dog in activities.


Side effects of this plan may include: a more well-behaved dog, a flatter stomach, increased energy, improved mood, younger looking skin, toned arms and legs, and the need to share what you learned with everyone around you from saving time!

What you get and why this program works:
  • The Best in Show Online Workout Program is power packed with over 30 workouts that include your dog each day!
  • The workouts range from dog training to full body exercises for your dog
  • Average completion for each workout is 30-60 minutes of your time
  • Daily Inspirational Videos
  • Nutritional Saturdays to learn about what you’re consuming
  • Self-Care Sundays because improving yourself starts from the inside out
  • Over 100+ Exercise Video Tutorials
  • Eating Plan Included
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with our Fido Tribe
  • One Time Fee and Lifetime Access!
  • Enjoy bonding with your dog and more!

Be the best version of yourself & be the person your dog thinks you are

Current Awards & Certifications:
-Professional Dog Groomer, graduated from the Academy of Pet Careers -Pet First Aid & CPR -ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor -Certified Personal Trainer -Associates Degree in Business -Animal Behavior -Nutrition Coach -CPR/AED -Mentored by Leash your Fitness -Pet Nutrition 101  -Dog Massage 411  -Exercise for Older Adults -Pilates Mat Instructor
-The Martial ARFS Healthy Weight Awareness Course  -Functional Canine Conditioning Exercises, No Matter Which Piece Of Equipment Course -Healthy Ways to Stretch your Dog -Bobby Lyons 2 Day K9 Fitness Workshop -DMWYD Certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach -Lisa Schmidt Canine Conditioning 2 Day Event
-Foam Rolling 101 -Preventing and Addressing the Iliopsoas -St. Louis Favorite Pet Trainer/Obedience School

Kim has over 10 years of on-going certifications and schooling.

Learn More About My Story and How I Can Help You.

I have always been into health & fitness, but It wasn’t until I did a 13 mile mud run event that I gained more of an understanding with specific exercise training and healthy eating. I realized all these benefits I was gaining from training and eating healthy, the more I wanted to improve. That meant more time at the gym and less time with my dogs, Oscar & Leah.

I have always loved dogs since I was a little kid and always knew I wanted to own my own dog business when I grew up. Growing up I walked neighborhoods dogs for $1 and taught my previous dog Molly agility. After high school I went to school to become a professional dog groomer. I groomed full-time professionally for about 10 years and groom now by appointment only.

Dogs are my life. I love my dogs. They are all very loving. Oscar is very energetic and Leah is more of a coach potato. My newest addition is Ike, who was my foster failure. He came into my life and I had to keep him. I love standard poodles, but also want to get a border collie as well to add to the pack!

I then decided to combine my love for dogs & fitness together and in July 2015 Fitness with Fido was ready to share with everyone else!!

Kim’s why: “I love dogs. I mean, that’s just really why I do it. I want people to be healthier because that means they’re doing more with their dogs. We should live healthier lives because the dogs, they’re not with us long enough.”

Why you can trust us?

We have taught over 100’s of classes to know dogs don’t like to stay still for a whole hour and we try to minimize floor work because we know that’s typically when your dog might try to lick you, jump on you, sit on you and the list goes on! We rotate back and forth, incorportating them into some of the moves, while also teaching them to respect your space when it’s your turn to workout.  

Why Does Fitness with Fido’s Style of Training Work?

Many programs are tailored only to humans or only to dogs, so there’s not quite anything like this on the market. We have found the perfect blend to keep your dog engaged while helping you get fit! In return it also helps you save time while bonding with your dog. We understand most pet parents work all day and are tired when they get home and don’t get to spend as much needed time with their dog or consistently have to choose between going to the gym or walking their dog, but not anymore we want you to be able to do both at the same time!

  • Time Saving
  • Bonding
  • Minimized Floor Work
  • Both get in shape and stay healthy

These duos made a change in their Lives – So Can You!

Is this plan right for you?

Who’s this program for?
  • Time saving for busy dog parents
  • Dog parents who want to get fit and hate leaving their dog at home or not sure what to do or where to start
  • Dog enthusiasts who focus more on their dogs and not so much on themselves
  • Fitness enthusiast who aren’t sure how to include their dog besides running
  • Dogs left at home all day with minimal exercise
  • Reactive dogs who can’t go out in group classes

Who’s this not for?

  • Non dog owners – You can still complete the program, but you would be skipping over a lot of exercises that are geared for the dogs
  • Body Builders…. You can still complete the program as a bonding experience with your dog and so they can exercise, but you would still need to spend more time working out to be competition ready.
  • Dogs younger 6 months or until their growth plates close. Otherwise modifications will be needed like low jump height, etc.

Anything can be modified for you or for your dog or both of you. It’s important to listen to your body and watch your dog’s body cues so you can enjoy the process and have it become part of your lifestyle! This is not just a workout, it’s a Lifestyle and I hope you will join me in it.

Minimal equipment is required because we want you to get familiar with your body and including your dog in the workouts. We’ll be focusing on the basics to build a solid foundation, but no worries we will still be covering a lot!

Not only is this a workout program, but we believe in mental health awareness and want everyone to feel more comfortable in their skin. When you’re feeling more confident typically your dog will behave better because happiness will spread.

The best in show program is a full body workout for both your and your dog. It’s geared to start at the beginning of the year to help get a kick-start for the new year, but it can be done at anytime throughout the year. 

The Best in Show Program is intended for you to be the best version of yourself for your dog!

What You’d Normally Pay for This:

  • Personal Training Sessions $1800
  • Motivational Coaching $500
  • Dog Training $300
  • Personalized Eating Plan $100
  • Hanging with your dog, priceless

Two Quick 10 minute workouts

Valued at $2700, but for you it’s much more affordable and lifetime access!

Do you want the formula to workout with your dog at home?

  • Want to save time?
  • Want a better behaved dog?
  • Want a toned body?
  • Want to bond with your dog?
  • Want more energy and feel better?
  • What Are You Waiting For?


  • Internet Connection
  • smart phone, computer or hdmi cord for smart tv (to view videos)
  • 2 hurdles
  • Perferably 2 types of platforms, but at least one:
    • one that’s solid like a stool, stepper, cato board, klimb, etc. and/or
    • one that’s filled with air like balance disc, bosu ball, fitbone, etc.
  • A pair of weights
  • Dog Treats!!
  • A posititive attitude
  • A dog!
Bonus: You’ll also get two 10 minute workout videos for those days when you don’t have much time, but want to get some movement in!

Have a Question About the Program? Send us an email: info@fitnesswithfido.fit

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