One Paw at a Time 21 Day Challenge


it’s a great way to switch up your routine

It’s short

less then a month so it’s easy to commit to

Can you commit to 3 weeks?

That’s only 21 days


About the 21 Day challenge

The 21 Day Challenge was created to spice up your summer! It’s a cardio and strength based home workout program to help with boredom when it’s too hot to go outside by staying active inside. The best part is it includes your dog by working out together and separately. Each week will work on a little of everything and in less then a month you should be feeling furtastic all by taking it one paw at a time!

Each week is themed:
Mondays are Bark Back Attack
Wednesdays are Unleash the Legs
Thursdays are Speak Shoulders
Fridays are Stay Sexy Arms
Tuesdays and Saturdays are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Days
3 Levels to choose from:
Low Impact HIIT for Core & Balance
Intermediate HIIT for Toning & Weightloss
Advanced HIIT for Weightloss and Challenge

How does this Online Program Work?

How do virtual classes work?

The videos are already uploaded, so you just need to schedule a time to play them when it’s convienent to your schedule!

What equipment will I need?
  • hurdle
  • pair of weights, preferably a light and heavy pair, but at least one pair
  • 2 platforms
  • dog treats
  • internet connection
  • cast to tv (optional, but recommended)
Will classes be recorded and accessible later?

Yes, once you purchase, they are yours to come back to whenever! Like every summertime when it’s too hot and humid out.

What's the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this being an online product and priced so low, this is non-refundable. 

How do I workout with my dog?

It does take coordination and communicaiton, but most importantly time. Learning to work together can be challenging, but you will bond so much as you learn how to invite your dog into your space and teach them to respect your space when it’s your turn. Depending on your dog’s personality and engery level you may need some extra training outside of this program. Depending on your fitness level you may need to practice moves seperatly before working up to a combo moves together. Either way do your best, keep it safe and have fun! This is a faster paced program, but remember to take it one paw at a time!

How do I enter the challenge?

If we are having a challenge to win prizes there will be specific dates to turn in progress photos, etc. We typically do a group challenge in July when it’s to hold everyone accountable and stay active indoors away from the heat. You will need to purchase the program to be eligible for prizes and the details will be in our private facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fidotribe

Are there any pre-requisites?

You and your dog need to be cleared to exercise from your doctor/vet. 

Basic commands like sit, stay and come are very helpful. If you’re dog is new to exercising, it will take time and practice outside of the videos. As always do your best and safely. 

If you’re new to exercising including your dog can be motivating and possibly confusing. Remember to breathe and enjoy your time with them. Perfect practice makes perfect and training the dog in front of you. Meaning overtime you’ll find what works best for each of you.

This is faster based program, but it is focused on time so you can still do your best and go at your own pace. So whether you can do 10 reps of an exercise or 1 is completly up to your fitness level and energy for the day. 

Investment – One Paw at a Time

a dollar per day!


We’re even adding in 2 bonus videos! Foam Rolling with your Dog and a Doga Session to stretch out all those muscles from all your hard work!

"I just completed the first day. The exercises were great. Both dogs seemed to have fun doing them. I enjoyed the variety of human exercises. The half hour went quickly."


"great for days like in August when it's too humid to go out"

Sherry, Bailey and Hazel

" I really like the lessons are a bit shorter"

Antje & Judy

Your Instructor

Kim started Fitness with Fido back in 2015 because her dog Oscar had so much energy and gave her such gulity looks when leaving the house that she started combining her workouts with him at the park.

In 2020 when the pandemic came she transferred her classes online, something she actually wanted to do for awhile. Her dog Leah doesn’t like car rides and the home workouts were better suited for her and enjoyed staying active at home.

In this program you will see more of Ike and Oscar since this is more of a cardio based program and cardio is not really Leah’s thing. Ike is on a weightloss journey and loves to workout at home or in person, he’s fluffy, loveable and loves working for his treats!

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We understand, here’s a little gift you can do anytime, a 6 minute ab routine to do with your dog!