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Fitness with Fido

Fitness with Fido is a combination of the love of fitness and dogs. We create workout programs that are designed to tone and strenghten your body while including your dog with fitness and obedience drills rotating back and forth. We offer Doga, Puplates, Get Fit with Fido, Canine Conditioning and more!

Online Classes

Unlimited Virtual Classes

Your favorite classes are now online! New classes are added weekly! We offer Doga, Puplates, Get Fit with Fido, Canine Fitness Classes and more! That means you can stay comfy inside your home even while in your pajamas and your dog by your side! Online is a great option as there’s usually less distractions at home compared to group classes and we want your dog to listen to you anywhere at anytime!

Equipment needed:

  • Internet Connection
  • Facebook Account to get class access to our Private Group
  • 1-3 hurdles
  • Preferably 2 types of platforms
    • one that’s solid like a stool, stepper, cato board, klimb, etc.
    • one that’s filled with air like balance disc, bosu ball, fitbone, etc.
  • Possibly a light pair of weights 
  • Yoga Mat
  • More or less depending on what class you’re taking and what you have available. Anything can be substituted as long as it’s safe and you’re having fun!
  • Affordable monthly or yearly options available. No contract and you can cancel anytime.

Workout Progam

Best In Show Online
Workout Program

The Best in Show Online Workout Program is power packed with over 30 workouts that include your dog each day!

  • The workouts range from dog training to full body exercises for your dog
  • Average completion for each workout is 30-60 minutes of your time
  • Daily Inspirational Videos
  • Nutritional Saturdays to learn about what you’re consuming
  • Self-Care Sundays because improving yourself starts from the inside out
  • Over 100+ Exercise Video Tutorials
  • Eating Plan Included
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with our Fido Tribe
  • One Time Fee and Lifetime Access!
  • Enjoy bonding with your dog and more!

The best in show program is a full body workout for both your and your dog. It’s geared to start at the beginning of the year to help get a kick-start for the new year, but it can be done at anytime throughout the year.

Minimal equipment is required because we want you to get familiar with your body and including your dog in the workouts. We’ll be focusing on the basics to build a solid foundation, but no worries we will still be covering a lot!

Not only is this a workout program, but we believe in mental health awareness and want everyone to feel more comfortable in their skin. When you’re feeling more confident typically your dog will behave better because happiness will spread.

This program is designed to work on engaging and activating the glutes which are often underworked from people sitting too much causing problems like lower back pain, tight hips and more. Your dog’s lose muscle in their hind-limb first as 60% of their bodyweight is in their upper body so we will be working on their glute muscles as well! Each week we will progress with more challenging moves.

**The Puplates Booty Challenge is included if you have a monthly or yearly virtual class membership**

21 Day Challenge One Paw at a Time

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Classes are approx. 30 – 60 minutes. Class Schedule will be posted weekly on our private Facebook Page, which you will gain access to after purchase. You can join in whenever, wherever! No contract and you can cancel anytime. Prices can change at anytime. 

Unlimited Virtual Classes (Monthly)
$10 / Month
One Month of
 Unlimited Virtual Classes!
Unlimited Virtual Classes
$80 / Year
Year of Unlimited Virtual Classes!

Mission Statement

What we’re about

“Whether you’re here for yourself or for your dog, whether it’s for weight loss or a new activity, we hope to meet all your needs and wants. We want to be around for people and their dogs during different life cycles from puppies to seniors to live a healthier   lifestyle. Fitness with Fido is “where you’ll always have a workout partner”

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